Types of service

  • Development of accounting policies with respect to UAS and IFRS reporting
  • Accounting services for LLC
  • Accounting services for individual entrepreneurship
  • Accounting services for private entrepreneurs
  • Accounting services for foreign companies
  • Accounting services for financial / insurance / public companies
  • Consulting in accounting
  • Preparation and submission of tax reports
  • Re-establishment of accounting records
  • Setup of business accounting from the beginning
  • Correction of errors from the previous periods


Cost of services are determined individually for each Client, with regard to all the wishes of the Client and based on pricing and order settlements.

The cost of services is accrued based on the time of the work required to solve the task.

Download file (DOC, 16kB): prices for accounting.

To order the service and receive a commercial offer you can refer to page "Contacts".